Lifting-door systems

Easy running and pre-configured to suit customised requirements

  • Turnkey solution with coordinated components
  • Easy-running door, balanced by chain with counterweights
  • Configured and produced to suit customer requirements
  • Manual or automatic operation as required
  • Arrester mechanism for complete safety
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Lifting-Door Guide Profile 8 80x80, natural

Lifting-Door Chain Reverse Unit VK14

Lifting-Door Chain Reverse Unit E

Lifting-Door Bearing Set

Lifting-Door Counterweight Guide Set

Lifting-Door Counterweight 60x40 St

Delivery unit
cut-off max. 3000 mm
Delivery unit
1 pce., length 3000 mm

Lifting-Door Arrester Set

Lifting-Door Chain Connector

Chain 1/2″

Delivery unit
cut-off max. 25 m in 1″ intervals
Delivery unit
1 roll, length 25 m

Lifting-Door Guide Set 8

Chain Fastening Set