Information provision

Strong backing for back-friendly solutions – item becomes the first and only manufacturer of industrial work benches to receive the AGR seal of approval. This means our Work Bench System is certified to the stringent ergonomic requirements laid down by the committee of experts at the Campaign for Healthy Backs (AGR e.V.). That’s good news for you and for sustainable preventive approaches to protecting any company’s most valuable resource – its workforce.
Practical solutions for holding your information – with innovative work bench accessories from item. Work benches are nodal points in a networked production system. They need to be able to send and receive information as integral components in a production control and material flow system. Our comprehensive range keeps your information flowing!
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Compound Material St 2 mm, white similar to RAL 9016

Delivery unit
1 pce. panel dimensions. approx. 3050x1220 mm

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, grey

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, yellow

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, green

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, red

Board Magnet

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Label Holder 8 160x40

Label Profile 8 40, natural

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 3000 mm
Delivery unit
cut-off max. 3000 mm

Label Profile Cap 8 40, black

Label Protection Strip 8 40, transparent

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 1400 mm

Label Profile 8 40 E, grey/transparent

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 2000 mm

Label Profile 8 40 E-160, grey/transparent

Display Panel Holder 8

Display Panel PP, black

Display Panel PP, red

Document Holder 8 A4

Document Holder 8 A3

Document Holder 8 Frame A4

Document Holder 8 Frame A3

Thin Client Holder

PC Mount

Delivery unit
1 set

Keyboard Shelf

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Fastening Set Keyboard Shelf

Monitor Adapter 8 VESA 75-100 PA

Monitor Mounting Joint 8 VESA 75-100

Monitor Arm

Delivery unit
1 set

Monitor Arm, height-adjustable, 4 joints

Monitor Arm, height-adjustable, 5 joints

Keyboard Arm

Delivery unit
1 set

Pen Holder 8, black similar to RAL 9005

Pen Holder 8, grey similar to RAL 7042

Label Profile 8 32 E, grey/transparent

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 2000 mm

Sign Frame A5, grey

Sign Frame A5, red

Sign Frame A5, yellow

Sign Frame A5, green

Sign Frame A4, grey

Sign Frame A4, red

Sign Frame A4, yellow

Sign Frame A4, green

Sign Frame A4 ESD, black

Sign Frame A3, grey

Sign Frame A3, red

Sign Frame A3, yellow

Sign Frame A3, green

Sign Frame Holder 8, rotating ESD, black

Sign Frame Holder 8, rotating, grey

Sign Hook for Mesh Panels, transparent

Screw Hook 8 M4x20

Sign Hanger, transparent

Sign Corner Fastener, transparent

C-Hook 2x60x10, bright zinc-plated

Chain 1.8x12

Delivery unit
1 roll, length 25 m
Delivery unit
cut-off ± 200 mm, min. 3m, max. 25m

Document Holder 8, black similar to RAL 9005

Document Holder 8, grey similar to RAL 7042