Drive sets (universal)

Universal Drive Sets

Universal Drive Sets connect your Linear Unit of choice to any drive. With custom machining, the coupling can accommodate the relevant drive shaft and ensure play-free power transmission. Please check the relevant diameter and the depth of insertion of the drive shaft. To avoid non-circular running and premature wear, it is important for the Coupling Halves to be aligned precisely.
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Drive Set 5 40 D30/D12

Drive Set 8 40 D40/D15

Drive Set 8 80 D55/D34

Drive Set 8 80 D80/D34

Drive Set KGT D40/D15

Drive Set GSF 8 40

Drive Set KLE 6 60x60

Drive Set KLE 8 80x80

Drive Set KRF 8 ZR

Drive Set 6 60 D30/D12

Parallel Drive Set 6 60 D12-1

Drive Set KLE 5 40x40